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Regency Care At Home Ltd

East Lodge, Leicestershire, England, LE7 9DQ

Category: Domiciliary Care Agency

Registered Provider: Marissa Gigg

Registered Manager: Marissa Gigg

Local Authority: Leicestershire County Council

Total no.of Beds: 0

Company Logo:

Regency Care At Home Ltd

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East Lodge, Leicestershire, England, LE7 9DQ

'We know that people want more than anything to stay in their own homes, and we can help to safely ensure that this happens. We want to create a positive outcome for the client and their families and friends. There are cost implications for clients and their families; however the cost and independence of employing a care company like ourselves is that it can work out cheaper and more convenient for the whole family. We will do our very best to ensure that our clients or your relatives and friends are able to continue to live in their own homes for as long as is possible’

‘We are undertaking a new business structure that will ensure that we professionalise our care workers. We will do this by increasing pay standards to over the minimum wage and introduce bonus payments for excellent care, and service to clients.'

We have years of practical experience in Care, Compliance and Quality Performance, and will do our very best on offering good quality care to everyone who uses our services.’ 

Type of Care:

  • Old Age